Guidelines on Hybrid Classes

A “hybrid” class is one where the delivery of instruction may be through a combination of classroom and online class sessions. A class may be considered as hybrid, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The course/section has been designated as hybrid (eg. A91, C91) during enrollment;
    Explanatory note: Classes with on-line sessions will be designated using the number “9” as the second character in the section. For example, a POLIGOV class offered to students in the College of Liberal Arts will normally have a section “A51.” If this class will have on-line sessions, then its section should be “A91.”

    As the requirement of the Council of Deans is that these classes are “designated as such during enrollment,” the information that a particular class will have on-line sessions (or is a hybrid class) should be available and communicated when the academic department transmits the course offerings to the Vice Dean/Academic Assistant of the college, who handles the sectioning of courses.

    Faculty members of classes not designated accordingly will not be allowed to conduct on-line class sessions in lieu of classroom sessions.
  2. The course will be conducted by Academic Support for Instructional Services and Technology (ASIST)-certified faculty member;

    Explanatory note: It is the department chair who ensures that the faculty member to be assigned to a hybrid class is certified by ASIST.  
  3. The online sessions will be conducted using Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE);

  4. At least half of the total number of hours for the term will be used for classroom sessions;

  5. The schedule of on-line class sessions is specified in the course syllabus and submitted to the Office of the University Registrar within the first week of the term;

    Explanatory note: Specific dates for the on-line class sessions must be specified in the course syllabus. The course syllabus must be transmitted to the Office of the University Registrar, together with a cover letter addressed to the University Registrar.

    As the specific dates are already contained in the course syllabus, there is no need to accomplish the Faculty Attendance Form (Form No. F-01) for the on-line class sessions. This is also the reason why the Faculty Attendance Form (also known as the pink form) does not have a provision for on-line class sessions.
  6. No online sessions will be scheduled and/or conducted within the first two (2) weeks of the term;