Reminders regarding Final Examinations (from the Chair's Manual)

No Final Exam

  • Academic faculty members who do not wish to give a written final exam should secure the approval of the Dean through the Chair, who in turn notifies the Vice Dean.

Conflict in Schedule

  • The following policies will be observed in the following order in resolving conflicts in examination schedule:

Regular exam vs. Departmental exam Departmental exam
Part-timers vs. Full-timer Part-timer
Full-timer vs. Full-timer Seniority of rank
Faculty members with same ranks and status Age of faculty
  • A final schedule of the final examinations is posted two (2) weeks before the start of examination week. Each department is given a set of schedules for reference.
  • Academic faculty members, faculty proctors, and students should be aware of their respective exam schedules and room assignments. Only faculty members can proctor examinations.
  • Once administered, final examinations are final. No re-administration of the final examinations either in oral or written form may be given to a student. Any exception to this rule needs the approval of the Chair and the Office of the University Registrar.

Contingency Plan

  • In the event that classes are suspended in view of unfavorable weather conditions or circumstances beyond the control of the University, and to avoid possible confusion as to which schedule to follow, the contingency schedule below for the final exams will be observed.
  • Regardless of whether classes are suspended within the day, when some of the final exams have already been given, or early in the morning before classes begin, the original schedule of the rest of the exam week will remain.
  • The final exams that may be affected by the mid-day/whole day class suspension will be rescheduled as an extra day at the end of the originally scheduled exam week. But, the original time and room assignments will be followed.
  • In such an eventuality, the schedule of course card distribution will automatically be adjusted corresponding to the number of suspended class days.

Special Final Examinations

  • Students who have conflicts in final examination schedules, who have been sick, or who may have valid reasons for missing final exams, may be given special examinations by the academic faculty member.
  • A form shall be secured from the Enrollment Services Hub or via this link: for each special final examination. A fee shall be paid for each special final examination if the reason is not due to conflict in examination schedule.
  • The result of the special final examination must be considered in the computation of the final grade submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Otherwise, any revision of the final grade resulting from the special final examination should be done through the regular “change of grade” procedure.
  • The special final examination should be held on any date within the final examination week. If such is not possible, the date of the special final examination should consider the deadline for the submission of change of grade.
  • Only special final examination sanctioned by the Office of the University Registrar are considered official.