Procedure for the Preparation of the New Fees Table

  1. Calendar. Before the end of Term 2 of each School Year, the Accounting Office prepares a timetable of activities for the review of the current fees table and the development of the new fees table for the following School Year. (The fees table includes all fees used in the assessment of enrollment for degree and non-degree programs).

  2. Call for Revision. After the Multi-Sectoral Committee approves the applicable rates for the following School Year, the Accounting Office sends out an announcement to the academic community and solicits requests for other-than-normal fee changes, revisions of formulas, and inclusions of additional fees.

  3. Fee Authorization. The Accounting Office summarizes the requests and presents them to the MIS Committee for deliberation and approval.

  4. Fee Preparation. After the approval of the MIS Committee, representatives from the concerned offices (OUR, ITS, Accounting Office, and the Internal Audit) prepare the new fees table independently.

  5. Independent Study. After the independent preparation of the new fees table, the Accounting Office calls for a meeting of the representatives from the other offices to cross-check computations and amounts.

  6. Communication of Fees. After agreement of the representatives from all concerned offices, the Accounting Office sends an electronic file (containing the cross-checked fees and using MS Excel), together with a Service Request Form (SRF) to upload the new fees table, to the ITS representative.

  7. Uploading of Fees. The ITS uploads the new fees table into the SRM (Student Records Management) database, ensures that all fees are uploaded and accessible on the web, and informs the representatives from the other concerned offices when the upload procedure is completed.

  8. Feedback. Representatives from the concerned offices check (on the web) if the uploaded fees conform to cross-checked amounts. The representatives prepare an inventory of errors and submit it to the ITS (copy furnished the representatives from the other concerned offices).

  9. Sign-off. After corrections are made by ITS, the new fees table (as uploaded into the SRM) is printed for the signature of the representatives of the concerned offices.

  10. Fee Review. Based on the signed-off new fees table, sample EAFs are printed by OUR and ITS for review of Accounting and Internal Audit.

  11. Errors, if any, are corrected in a revised new fees table following Steps # 8, 9, 10.