Dropping of Modular Accountancy Courses

21 June 2007

The Student Handbook provides that undergraduate students may drop courses up to the fourth week of the term. However, given that the schedules at the start and end of Accountancy modular courses do not conform to the university's regular schedules, the following guidelines are exclusively adopted in connection with these courses:

  1. Students may drop modular Accountancy courses up to Day 3 only of the modular class. This deadline for dropping applies to all modular classes, including those which start and end within the university dropping period. An officialy-dropped course will not appear in the records of the student for the term during which it was dropped.
  2. Refunds for dropped course(s) will follow CHED-approved policies governing refunds. thus, for purposes of modular accountancy course, refunds shall only be available if the course is dropped within the first two (2) weeks of the term. Therefore, a student dropping a modular course after this period shall not be entitled to any refund. The applicable percentages for refund adopted by the university shall remain.
  3. To drop a modular course, the student informs the Chair of the Accountancy Department in writing. Thereafter, not later than Day 4 of the modular class schedule, the Chair of the Accountancy Department informs the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) through a memorandum endorsed by the Vice Dean. The memorandum shall contain the list of students, their ID numbers and the specific courses to be dropped. The original Enrollment Assesment Form/Student Enrollment Record of the concerned students must be attached.
  4. The dropping of courses shall be considered final and official only upon confirmation by the OUR. A revised Enrollment Assessment Form/Student Enrollment Record shall be transmitted to the department not later than Day 5 of the modular class schedule.
  5. Other courses required and taken by Accountancy students which ar not modular in character and classification are not covered by these guidelines. As such, the usual policies and procedures governing dropping of other courses shall be applicable to them.
  6. To add, the effectivity clause: 2nd Term, SY 2007-2008.

From:Vice Chancellor for Academics