Departmental Awards

In connection with departmental awards for graduation, the academic departments need to submit to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) not later than the end of the first week of the term the following:

  1. Complete name of the awardee(s);
  2. Complete title of the award(s); and
  3. Payment Requisition Slip (PRS) corresponding to the cost of the medal.

While the academic department may grant as many awards as it deems proper, the following guidelines from the Honors and Awards Committee must be considered:

  1. In the Commencement Exercises at the PICC, only the graduation special awards (Br. Connon, Student Leadership, Community Development, Athletics) and academic awards (with High Distinction, with Distinction, and Latin Honors) will be given.
  2. In the Baccalaureate Mass, only gold departmental awards, honorable mention, and loyalty awards will be given.
  3. All other awards will be given during the College Recognition Rites (formerly the Meeting with the Deans).

The OUR will procure the medals for the departments. However, the cost of the medals shall be chargeable against the departmental budget. In preparing the Payment Requisition Slip (PRS) that will accompany the list of awards, the following guidelines must be observed:

  1. The box “Payment by Book Transfer” must be selected with an “x”.
  2. The PRS should indicate
Payable to: Registrar’s Office-Graduation (Acct. No. 001-042-692)
Purpose/Remarks: Payment for medals for xxx Commencement Exercises
  1. The cost of each medal is P250.

Questions regarding the departmental awards should be directed to or Ms. Josephine Visca at Ext. 153.