Online Classroom Reservation System

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for the reservation of general-use classrooms, except during University Break (Wednesdays, 1250 to 1420) when the responsibility is transferred to the Physical Facilities Office and for certain special-use classrooms which are controlled by various colleges, academic departments and offices.

The On-Line Classroom Reservation System (OCRS) was conceptualized to automate the classroom reservation function and to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Streamlining classroom (and equipment from the Instructional Media Services) reservation procedures;
  2. Maximizing use of staff time;
  3. Minimizing conflicts in schedule of classroom use;
  4. Improving the monitoring of classroom usage; and
  5. Increasing accountability for damaged/lost properties

The CRS operates under the following parameters:


Classroom reservations of academic departments may be done online only. The On-Line Classroom Reservation System is available in the MyLaSalle portal of the authorized users and is accessible from 0800 to 2000, Mondays to Fridays, and from 0800 to 1200, Saturdays.

Authorized Users

The classroom reservation privilege is vested in the department. The Chair/Vice Chair and the Department Secretary are the authorized users of the system. As such, the on-line access is limited to them.


Each department has an assigned Active Reservation Quota (ARQ), which is the maximum number of classrooms allowed to be in active reservation at any given time. The “at any given time” feature allows departments to plan and make reservations early. At the same time, it will prevent departments from hoarding classroom reservations, to the detriment of other departments/users. A department cannot make a reservation beyond the ARQ.

The formula for ARQ is:

ARQ = No. of Course Offerings x 10%

The ARQ is set at the start of the term and adjusted for movements in course offerings until the end of Week 1 of the term.


Cancellation of classroom reservations disturbs the efficiency of classroom usage. A reservation on a classroom prevents other departments/users from using the same. Regardless of the lead time of the cancellation, the classroom could have been reserved and used by others. As such, a penalty on cancellations is built into the system. A Reservation Cancellation Quota (RCQ), or the maximum number of cancelled reservations for the term is assigned to each department.

The formula for RCQ is:

RCQ = No. of Course Offerings x 5%

A department may make a cancellation of reservation two (2) working days before the reserved schedule.

A department reaching the RCQ for the term will not be allowed to make additional classroom reservations for the remainder of the term.

To complement the cancellation penalty is a policy of unproductive usage built into the system. While a cancelled reservation leaves limited opportunities to have the classroom reserved by another department/user, a reserved classroom that was not used leaves no opportunity to have the classroom reserved by another department/user. Thus, the penalty factor for unproductive use of the classroom is equivalent to two (2) cancellations, and counted towards the RCQ of the department.

Offices and Student Organizations

In the absence of any objective base, offices and student organizations are assigned the following parameters:

ARQ - Two (2)
RCQ - Two (2)
Penalty Factor
(for Unproductive Usage) - Equivalent to Two (2) cancellations

Offices and student organizations do not have on-line access. They may make classroom reservations at the Front Desk of the Office of the University Registrar.

Summary of Parameters


Academic Departments

Offices and Student Organizations



Front Desk

Authorized users

Chair/Vice Chair
Department Secretary

style="font-size:inherit;"Office Staff
Organization Officer

Active Reservation Quota (ARQ)

10% of Course Offerings


Reservation Cancellation Quota (RCQ)

5% of Course Offerings


Penalty Factor (for unproductive usage)

Equivalent to 2 Cancellations

Equivalent to 2 Cancellations