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Poetics in A New Key: Interviews and Essays

Author: Marjorie Perloff

Published and distributed by De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2013
ISBN 978-971-555-575-3
264 pages





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Marjorie Perloff

Introduction – Via Marjorie Perloff: Sideroads along a Critical Highway
David Jonathan Y. Bayot

Part I: The Critic

  1. Becoming a Critic: An Academic Memoir

  2. A Critic of the Other Tradition
    Interview with Hélène Aji and Antoine Cazé

  3. Marjorie Perloff On & Off the Page of Poetry
    Interview with Kristine Samson and Nikolaj Rønhede

Part II: A Poetics

  1. The Alter(ed) Ground of Poetry and Pedagogy
    Conversation with Charles Bernstein

  2. Mapping the New
    Interview with Rain Taxi Review of Books

  3. Modernism / Postmodernism? Will the Real Avant-garde Please Stand Up!
    Interview with Jeffrey Side

  4. (Un)Framing the other Tradition: On Ashbery and Others
    Interview with Grzegorz Jankowicz

  5. Robert Lowell, Now and Then
    Conversation with David Wojahn

  6. Futurism and Schism: Close Listening with Marjorie Perloff
    Interview with Charles Bernstein

  7. The Challenge of Language
    Interview with Enrique Mallen

  8. Conceptual Writing: A Modernist Issue
    Interview with Peter Nicholls

  9. Still Making It New: Marjorie Perloff in Manifesto Mode
    Interview with Ellef Prestsæter

Part III: To Praxis

  1. What is Poetry?
    Interview with Fulcrum

  2. On Evaluation in Poetry
    Dialogue with Robert von Hallberg

  3. Teaching Poetry in Translation: The Case for Bilingualism

  4. The Internet Moment in the Life of Publishing
    Interview with Front Porch Magazine

  5. The Intellectual in the 21st Century


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