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Global Filipino Crossing Borders

Author: Fe Aldave Yap

Published and distributed by:
De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2012
ISBN 978-971-555-548-7
183 pages







Book Description About the Author Table of Contents  

PART I – Language • Applied Linguistics • Language Education

  1. The Tongues of the Philippines: Similarity in Linguistic Diversity
  2. Language & Philippine Politics
  3. The Language Question in the Philippines
  4. The Language & Language-in-Education Question: What Is the Answer in the Philippine Setting?
  5. Global Filipino in Multilingual Education

PART II – Literature • Translation • Globalization

  1. Globalizing Children's Literature on the Web & Translation
  2. Globalizing National Children's Literature Through Global Filipino & Philippine English
  3. Translation: Agenda for the Nation

PART III – Orthography • Dictionary

  1. The Proposed Chamorro Orthography
  2. A Look @ Global Filipino Orthography: Towards Modernization and Standardization
  3. A Trilingual Dictionary: Filipino-Chamorro-English
  4. The Making of a Global Dictionary: English-Filipino Filipino-English


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