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The Fictive Institution: Counterfactual Spaces And The Practice Of Reading

Author: Catherine Belsey

Published and distributed by:
De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2013
271 pages






Book Description About the Author  

Catherine Belsey’s work has always set out to challenge orthodoxies. Her previous book A Future for Criticism (2011) proposes for English departments a new direction that takes into account the role of pleasure and desire in the way we read. Her first book Critical Practice (1980, revised 2002) put to work the theories that were then arriving from Paris to redefine the discipline of criticism. In between, she has published The Subject of Tragedy: Identity and Difference in Renaissance Drama (1985), John Milton: Language, Gender, Power (1988), Shakespeare and the Loss of Eden (1999), Why Shakespeare? (2007), and Shakespeare in Theory and Practice (2008), as well as Desire: Love Stories in Western Culture (1994), Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction (2002), and Culture and the Real (2005). Currently Research Professor in English at Swansea University, Belsey continues to value theory for what it enables cultural critics to do in practice.

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