De La Salle University Publishing House (DLSUPH)

Educational Reform and Innovation in the Asia-Pacific:
Advances in Research

Edited by: Allan B.I. Bernardo
and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Published and distributed by:
De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2013
ISBN 978-971-555-562-3
316 pages








  1. Inquiring About Educational Reform from a Stakeholder Perspective: Insights from Asia-Pacific Research
    Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan and Allan B. I. Bernardo
  2. Medium of Instruction, Identity and Language Attitudes in Post-Colonial Hong Kong
    Mee-Ling Lai
  3. Late Change in the Medium of Instruction: A Hong Kong Investigation
    Edith W. M. Lee, David Watkins, and John Hattie
  4. Home Language Shift and Its Implications for Language Planning in Singapore: From the Perspective of Prestige Planning
    Shouhui Zhao and Yongbing Liu
  5. Linguistic Imperialism in the Philippines: Reflections of an English Language Teacher of Filipino Overseas Workers
    T. Ruanni F. Tupas
  6. Integrating Primary School Curriculum in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
    Wai Lun Anthony Leung
  7. Teacher Concerns About Curriculum Reform: The Case of Project Learning
    Wai Lun Anthony Leung
  8. The Learning Organisation: A School's Journey Towards Critical and Creative Thinking
    Kala S. Retna
  9. Trends and Indicators of Taiwan's Higher Education Internationalization
    Joseph Meng-Chun Chin and Gregory S. Ching
  10. The Context of Research Training in the Philippines: Some Key Areas and Their Implications
    Angelito Calma
  11. Transformational Leadership and the Integration of Information and Communications Technology into Teaching
    Wee Leng Ng
  12. Understanding Technology Acceptance in Pre-Service Teachers: A Structural-Equation Modeling Approach
    Timothy Teo and Paul van Schaik



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