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Language, Literacy, and Education in the Asia-Pacific:
Contemporary Perspective

Edited by:
Allan B.I. Bernardo and Ma. Joahna Mante-Estacio

Published and distributed by De La Salle University Publishing House, 2013
ISBN 978-971-555-560-9
235 pages







Book Description About the Editors Table of Contents  

  1. Re-Viewing English Language Education Research in the Asia-Pacific Using an Interactional Co-Constructionist Lens
    Ma. Joahna Mante Estacio and Allan B. I. Bernardo
  2. Thinking Skills Reflected in the Argumentative Essays of Freshman College Students: A Descriptive Analysis
    Eden Regala-Flores
  3. Reiterations in ESL Learners' Academic Papers: Do they Contribute to Lexical Cohesiveness?
    Leonisa A. Mojica
  4. Unguarded Patterns of Thinking: Physical and Topical Structure Analysis of Student Journals
    Maria Eda C. Carreon
  5. A Study on Portfolio Assessment as an Effective Student Self-Evaluation Scheme
    Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
  6. Employing Assessment as Learning in Enhancing Students' Oral Presentation Skills
    Ina Y. M. Siu
  7. Reflecting on Miscues in Content Area Readings: A Case of Two Learners
    Joahna S. Mante
  8. Language Learning Strategies and Gender Differences among Adolescents in the Context of English as a Second Language
    Alfredo S. Sagum
  9. Exploring Emergent Literacy Behaviors of Filipino Deaf Children
    Marie Therese A. P. Bustos
  10. Motivation and English Attainment: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong Students with Different Cultural Backgrounds
    Ruth Ming Har Wong
  11. 'I love Cantonese but I want English' - A Qualitative Account of Hong Kong Students' Language Attitudes
    Mee-Ling Lai
  12. The Implementation of Communicative Language Teaching: An Investigation of Students' Viewpoints
    I-Fang Chung and Yi-Cheng Huang
  13. Literacy in a Cultural Context
    Ellen Errington



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