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John Schad in Conversation

by: John Schad and David Jonathan Bayot

Published and distributed by
De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2015
ISBN 978-971-555-629-3
56 pages







Book Description About the Author  

JOHN SCHAD is a bold and exciting figure within contemporary literary studies. His contributions to Victorian studies, literary theory, and the study of religion and literature are widely celebrated as both daring and telling. It is, though, as a founding figure within the nascent field of post-criticism, a way of reading that fuses critical with creative forms of thinking, that Schad’s presence has been most dramatically felt. In this critical-creative mode, Schad’s writing is, by turns, intriguing, mesmerizing, and dramatic. And much the same may be said of this interview where, ranging right across his work and some of the events of life and death that inform that work, Schad emerges as someone you can’t help but listen to. John Schad is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Lancaster.

DAVID JONATHAN Y. BAYOT is Associate Professor of Literature at De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines; the general editor of the Critics in Conversation series published by the DLSU Publishing House; and the general editor of the Critical Voices series published by Sussex Academic Press.

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