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Wili Fernandez Designer

Designer:Wili Fernandez
Edited by: Maya Besa-Roxas
ISBN 978-971-555-579-1
192 pages



About the Designer Table of Contents  

Table of Contents
6 Dream of a Picture Bookby Della G. Besa
9 Wili and the Well-Lived Lifeby Doreen G. Fernandez
15 Remembering Wili by Rodrigo D. Perez III
21 Living Spaces
51 Dining Spaces
71 Transition Spaces
87 Work Spaces
107 Rest Spaces
127 Exteriors
141Featured Projects/td>
175Details and Graphics
186Project/Client List
190Designing Filipino by Edith 0liveros
191Wili by Carlos Angeles
192Let Me Say Goodbye by Salvador Bernal

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