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Promoting Innovation Enhancing Competitiveness

Authors: Filemon A. Uriarte, Jr., Jose P. Tabbada and Alvin B. Culaba
ISBN 978-971-555-585-2
207 pages






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Table of Contents

List of Boxes, Figures, and Tables
Chapter 1 Competitiveness and Innovation
Chapter 2 State of Philippine Competitiveness and Innovation
Chapter 3Policies and Practices for Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness: Review of Evidence and Experience
Chapter 4Assessment and Policy Recommendations
Annex 1 Major Schools of Economic Theory With Implications for the Notion of Competitiveness
Annex 2 The Global Competitiveness Index
Annex 3The Global Competitiveness Index in Detail: Philippines
Annex 4 IMD World Competitiveness Ranking Factors
Annex 5 Singapore's Innovation Strategy and Programs
Annex 6 The Philippine BPO Industry

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