Front Desk

The Procurement Office Front Desk receives requests for purchases, vendor inquiries, vendor registration and accreditation, and other similar concerns.

Receiving Requests for Purchase

The Procurement Office allocates six (6) days for receiving requests for purchase through Materials Requisition Forms (MRF) from offices and departments of the University. This enables the Procurement Office to consolidate all common items and to purchase these by volume.

Guidelines on Bidding and Negotiation

Guidelines on Emergency Purchase

Process Lead Time by Category

Categories and Samples

List of Technical Evaluators

RPSM Checklist

RPSM Guidelines

MRF Receiving Schedule:

Mondays to Saturdays
0800 to 1200

Deadline of RPSM Submission for AY 2017-2018

Vendor Inquiries, Registration and Accreditation

Vendors are welcome at the Procurement Office everyday should they want to present their products, inquire about the requirements of the University, or to register their company to become an accredited supplier of the University.

DLSU Supplier Accreditation Form


The Procurement Office coordinates a delivery schedule of purchased items to be transmitted by suppliers to the Inventory Management Office.

Delivery Schedule:

Mondays to Fridays
0900 to 1100 and 1400 to 1600

0900 to 1100