Lasallian Student Consultants (LSSC)

The Lasallian Student Consultant (LSSC) is a team of proactive, responsible, and creative student volunteers of the Office of Student Leadership Involvement, Formation, and Empowerment (Student LIFE) of De La Salle University.

They are both learners and contributors in developing Lasallian students toward becoming achievers and leaders for God and country. They assist the Office of Student LIFE in providing programs and services that build effective and influential student leaders.

With passion-driven hearts, and innovative minds, the Lasallian Student Consultants continue to inspire other students to engage in activities and programs that would contribute to their holistic being.


  • Committed to EXCELLENCE
  • At least 2.5 GPA and CGPA, no failed courses
  • Clean Disiplinary Record

How to Apply:

  • Download the Application Form here.
  • Deadline of submission of accomplished application forms is on March 16,2012.

* For inquiries, visit the Office of Student L.I.F.E. at Brother Connon Hall Room 301-A