The Lasallian Ambassadors Recruitment Week

Who We Are

  • A pool of confident, competent, and dedicated students.
  • Coordinates the activities for the Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program (LPEP). It is a program for the freshmen to help them be acquainted with the University life and provide them a better understanding of the Lasallian culture and heritage.
  • Assists the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, Formation, and Empowerment (SLIFE) in handling request for campus tours of feeder schools, international students, and visitors of the university.
  • Assists in the ushering of guests of the university during special events.

What We Do

  • Conducts campus tours and usherings.
  • Assists in special university events.
  • Coordinates the freshmen orientation.

Committee References

Human Resource and Development

  • Responsible for information dissemination among the ambassadors;
  • Spearheads planning for trainings and team building events; and
  • Facilitates the recruitment and evaluation of LAmbs.

Marketing and External Affairs

  • Contacts and build relationships with corporations, enterprises and different business organizations as potential sponsors for the Freshmen Orientation;
  • Manage sponsorship for the organization’s different events and team buildings;
  • Contact or coordinate with external organizations that may require the Lasallian Ambassadors.

Operations and Logistics

  • Responsible for all logistical requirements of LPEP and other LAmb activities.
  • Responsible for the reservation of venues and equipment for all activities.

Documentations and Publicity

  • Involved with artistic conceptualization, designing, and overall handling of the creative outputs for the organization’s publicity that is targeted towards audiences within DLSU
  • In-charge of photo and video coverage of all events, trainings and programs offered to the LAmbs
  • Manages and updates the internal publication of the organization, the Lasallian Ambassadors Manual, which provides correct and updated information about the institution

Requirement of Application

  1. He/She must be a bonafide student of the University and currently enrolled in an undergraduate course.
  2. He/She must have at least 5 terms left before graduation.
  3. He/She must complete and properly accomplish the application form (may be downloaded from the DLSU website. Type STUDENT LIFE, then click Online Forms link.)
  4. He/She must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 (Print VIEW GRADE section from your mylasalle account)
  5. He/She must not have any disciplinary offense (major or minor) from the Discipline Office. (Secure Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Discipline Office for CLEARANCE.)
  6. He/She must attend the General Assembly. Time and date are to be announced.