Graduate Student Organizations

The Office of Student LIFE supervises and supports the different graduate student organizations and groups on campus. These organizations provide a venue for graduate students to get involved, pursue opportunities for personal and professional development, and network with other students and professionals.

The following are the recognized student organizations for DLSU graduate students:

  1. DLSU Business Doctoral Society (BDS) – The Business Doctoral Society envisions itself as a guiding beacon success for management professional doctorate students in their quest for a DBA and Ph.D in Business degree from the university.

  2. DLSU International Law Society (ILS) - The International Law Society is an organization that is committed to taking the legal profession to another level through activities and programs that will develop and highlight the competencies of law students not only within the college but more especially, in the international sphere. The organization aims to motivate the students to showcase their capabilities in a globally competitive manner, competing against students from local and foreign universities in debate exhibitions and moots, and serving as delegates in various academic fora and seminars.

  3. De La Salle Law Paralegal Volunteers Organization (DLSU LAW PVO) - It is a service and professional organization that seeks to mold La Salle law students with the guidance and vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle to become active builders and leaders of change. The organization seeks to enrich and supplement the theoretical legal education with real application through trainings, lectureand involvement in communities. The vision of PVO is to assist in building an ideal Lasallian lawyer---one who is in the lead in the improvement of the legal profession. One who seeks to abide by the wisdom of the law and to provide justice and service to those who need it most. It has key advocacies such as Human Rights, Children, Women, Indigenous People, Environment, LGBT, and Labor

  4. JUAN DE LA SALLE - Juan De La Salle is a law student developmental organization . Its mission is to develop the sense of leadership and professional skills of its members to help them excel in law school and be excellent Lasallian lawyers in the future. The organization fulfills this mission by its projects and by providing a good support systems to its members; mentoring the younger members; and sharing tips and ideas about the subjects and professors which they can use to learn well and maintain good academic standing.

  5. La Salle Moot and Debate Society (LAMDES) - LAMDES has a three-point vision:
    • A society that seeks to promote intelligent discourse in various fields of law through mooting and legal debating.
    • A society that aims to perfect or master the art of lawyering through simulated court proceedings.
    • A society that advances the goal of improving the oral and writing skills of law students through oral and written advocacies.

  6. MBA Finance Society (MBAFS) - The DLSU MBA Finance Society is a De La Salle University-based organization that provides its members with information on the role of the financial services sector and related fields. MBAFS is open to anyone in the graduate school College of Business and aims to appeal to anyone with an interest in finance, business, and national development through finance. The Society aims to provide information and training about key skills and abilities within this sector to those interested in entering the world of finance.