DLSU Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The GSC is composed of the College Graduate Student Council Officers who serve as the official representative body of DLSU Graduate Students.


The DLSU Graduate Student Council is a world class organization inspired by Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Committed to the La Sallian Guiding Principles, we are a corps of Graduate Students who are academically excellent, ethical, empowered and responsive to the changes in today’s globalized world. We are proactive agents of social transformation.


Guided by our Vision, the DLSU Graduate Student Council shall

  1. Strengthen professional linkages both local and international.
  2. Provide community service through knowledge, technology and best practices.
  3. Actively participate in university decision making on matters concerning the welfare of graduate students
  4. Strengthen an enabling environment for holistic development
  5. Encourage graduates and professionals to pursue higher academic learning.


The Presidents of each College Graduate Student Council comprise the Council of Presidents . The GSC Council of Presidents can distinguish and create Ad-hoc Committees according to the needs of their constituents.

Constitution : www.dlsu.edu.ph/offices/osa/student_life/pdf/gsc-constitution.pdf

Contact Information and Address:
GSC Office
Rm. 305 Br. Connon Hall (SPS Building)

Email: gsc@dlsu.edu.ph
Phone: 524-4611 loc 733