doCharacter formation and internalization of Lasallian values are the ultimate objectives of having rules and regulations on proper decorum and social norms inside and outside the University. Student discipline plays a significant role in providing the Lasallian students a world class educational experience.

In line with this, the students are expected to exercise their rights as they fulfill their obligations and responsibilities inside and outside the campus. This is in response to their duty not only as students but also as citizens. To fulfill these goals, the Lasallian student needs to know university discipline structures, policies, rules and regulations as well as procedures and practices.

The Student Discipline Formation Office (SDFO) is responsible for promoting student discipline, for ensuring the safety and welfare of the students, and for maintaining peace, order and cleanliness in the University. It seeks to prevent, rather than correct, unseemly student behavior. The primary functions of the DO are classified into education, enforcement and lost and found services. For these services, DO is divided into three sections namely,

  1. Discipline Education Section (DES);
  2. Discipline Enforcement Section (ES); and
  3. Lost and Found Section (LFS).


The Student Discipline Formation Office promotes a campus environment animated by peace and order and where an atmosphere of harmonious relationship among members of the Lasallian community prevails.

SDFO commits to contribute to the development of well-rounded Lasallian students who are value-oriented, well informed, responsible and self-disciplined, through the delivery of formative programs and services and the promotion and maintenance of a safe and secured campus.