Special Support Units

General Description

The Corps of Cadets are divided into five (5) Special Support Units (SSU). Each unit specialize on a specific field of training which can either be drills & ceremonies, weapons assembly & disassembly, squad tactics, line throwing, first aid & basic life support, knot tying, map reading, land navigation, or radio & visual communications.

In spite each unit having its own specialization, all cadets, including the light duties, follow the same Program of Instruction (POI) for each trimester.

Special Support Units

  • A. Escort and Honor Battalion (Model Battalion)

    The Escort and Honor Battalion, or also known as the Model Battalion is the embodiment of true discipline and snappiness. This unit specializes in the execution of Close Order Drills (COD) and military ceremonies. From the word itself, Model, the cadets who belong in this unit must set the example of what characteristics a cadet should possess. Brace Up, Model!

  • B. Shore Patrol (SP)

    The Shore Patrol (SP), equipped with the tonfa and whistle, is the unit responsible for maintaining the peace and order during the training hours. They ensure the security and safety of the unit from external and internal threats, and act as the marshals in providing the consequence for latecomers. This unit specializes in weapons handling, line throwing, and nightstick fighting techniques. Mighty, Mighty SP!

  • C. Medics

    The Medics is the unit responsible for the treatment, therapy and restoration of bagged-down cadets during training days. They are always ready for the rescue. Their training program provides them the skills to enable their purpose as very significant cadets of the corps. Medics! No Casualties!

  • D. Navigators

    The Navigators is the unit trained in map reading & land navigation. Comprised primarily of cadets who excel in academics, this unit serves as the ROTC's frontrunner in comprehensive examinations during competitions. Constant Vigilance!

  • E. Radio Communications Group (RCG)

    Effective communication is essential for military operations. The Radio Communications Group (RCG) cadets are trained to effectively communicate and transmit important information that are vital in an operation through various radio and visual communication techniques. Radio In, RCG!

Special Programs for Cadets

  • A. Light Duties
  • The 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M offers a special program for cadets with medical problems and could not engage in strenuous activities. Cadets in the light duties, aside from alternatively taking several written examinations, will have to work on a specific projects that the 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M may impose.

  • B. Modified Cadets
  • This unit is composed of enrollees who are athletes under the Office of Sports Development (OSD) and artists under the Cultural Arts Office (CAO). The cadets in this group will only need to attend a special series of ROTC lectures and examinations through which they can finish their NSTP.