Services Offered

The 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M also conducts services for free in and off campus. To avail, a letter of request stating the kind of service requested, details of the event and a contact person must be sent directly to the Department of Naval Science and Tactics (DNST/ROTC Office) or through email at (the ROTC Secretary) at least two (2) weeks before the service is needed. Listed below are the different services offered by the unit. For inquiries, please see our contact information.

  • I. Ceremonial Honors

    • A. Entrance and Exit of Colors
      The Entrance and Exit of Colors is a sequence of honoring national ensigns, and/or standards with the presence of military personnel as the bearers and guards. It is conducted before and after programs of gatherings, ceremonies and other special occasions – any which concern the pride of a nation; whose purpose is to preserve the people’s sense of nationalism.

    • B. Saber Arch
      The Saber Arch is a traditional custom usually conducted during military weddings where the bride and groom pass through an arch of sabers following the ceremony. For other purposes, the 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M also conducts the Saber Arch in non-military weddings and other special occasions to honor celebrants and/or distinguished guests intheir arrival and departure.

    • C. Arrival Honors
      The Arrival Honors is a ceremony conducted by a company-sized formation of cadets, customarily meant to honor a distinguished guest on a special occasion, usually upon arrival, composed by a sequence of military courtesies, and a trooping of the line.

    • D. Pass in Review
      The Pass in Review is a grand sequence of honouring a very distinguished guest, commonly a head of state or a high-ranking military official wherein cadets conduct a series of drills and manual of arms in mass formation, then present themselves by parading in front of the guest while rendering the military courtesy of salute.

    • E. Side Boys
      The Side Boys are a group of cadets formed along the passageway of distinguished guest/s, where the military courtesy of salute is rendered as the guest/s pass through.

  • II. Orientations, Trainings and Seminars

    • A. First Aid and Basic Life Support
      Having Medics in the organization of the unit, the 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M’s strength include cadets and cadet officers with mastery in Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support – whose skills are already proven in competitions and real-life situations. With this, the unit conducts quality practical and theoretical First Aid and Basic Life Support orientations, trainings, and seminars for other organizations and groups who are willing to learn.

    • B. PekitiTirsia Kali (PTK)
      The Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK) is a Filipino martial art adopted by the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) – the branch of service of the 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M. The unit can offer PTK training sessionsheaded byguest instructors from the PMCtotrain interested groups, students and/or individuals the fundamentals of the martial art.

  • III. Others

    • A. Manpower
      The 247th NROTCU, DLSU-M can provide manpower for other organizations such as volunteers for outreach programs, ushers/usherettes, participants for seminars and talks, and other activities that require more strength – wherein all attending ROTC cadetswill serve as representatives of the unit.