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  • I. Military Science 1 (MS1) – Basic ROTC Module
    This module is designed to familiarize the enrollees with the Basic ROTC program. Subjects under this module are essentially common to the three (3) branches of service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP): Philippine Army (PA), Philippine Navy (PN) and Philippine Air Force (PAF). These include lectures basically on the following topics:
    • Military Orientation
    • Civil Military Operations
    • Individual Protective Measures
    • Basic Weapons Training
    • Combat Training of Individual Soldiers
    • Pre-Marksmanship Training (Familiarization Firing)
    • Drills and Ceremonies

    MS1 Handbook

  • II. Military Science 2 (MS2) – Naval ROTC Module
    This is the second of the two Basic ROTC modules, which midshipmen and midshipwomen are required to take. In comparison with the first, this module is more specific in terms of the subjects discussed. As a whole, it strives to provide the enrollees with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent enlisted naval reservist. Subjects covered are more or less the following:
    • Naval Organization
    • Seamanship
    • Engineering and Damage Control
    • Ordnance and Gunnery
    • Naval Operations
    • Marine Operations
    • Shipboard Familiarization
    • Drills and ceremonies

    Educational tours to military/naval installations and shipboard familiarization on Philippine Navy vessels are also conducted within the duration of the course. In addition, this program includes an elective subject for midshipmen and midshipwomen who choose to specialize in marine operations, which in turn will qualify them as enlisted marine reservists.

    MS2 Handbook