Functional Organization

  1. The department is composed of individuals with proven managerial and administrative skills who are knowledgeable in the field of sports. They are guided by the traditional Lasallian values of religio, mores and cultura, with academic objectives, imaginative and forward-looking.
  2. The Office of Sports Development Personnel
    The main functions of each group are as follows:
    • Varsity Sports – This group is responsible for the recruitment and training of varsity athletes and the participation of varsity teams in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and other selected sports events. It is also responsible for supporting and monitoring the activities of Student Sports Clubs, hosting students sports competitions in coordination with the Student Council, and the formation and training of student selection teams to represent DLSU in sports events in place of varsity teams.
    • Administrative – This groups is responsible for developing, implementing and controlling budgets, maintaining and controlling special funds, providing academic support services to athletes and handling the administrative functions of the department.
    • Physical fitness/therapy – This group is responsible for developing and implementing the physical conditioning programs of athletes, providing therapy services within the office’s capacity, and extending these services to selected personnel of the University.
    • Pep Squad – The squad provides morale-boosting support during competitions, and on occasion, renders special performance to liven up campus activities.
  3. The coaching staff of De La Salle University is composed of individuals who are of legal age with good college education, played competitive sports in the secondary level at least, possess sound knowledge of the sport’s theoretical, technical and behavioral aspects, and is strongly oriented in the Vision-Mission of the Office of Sports Development.

Other equally important traits of members of the De La Salle University coaching staff are:

  • Leadership – This refers to the ability to provide guidance and direction to athletes during training and competition games, and to influence them to perform at their peak level at all times.
  • Organization – This is the systematic recruitment of student athletes with proven skills, the orderly arrangement and relation of their athletic activities in harmony with their academic pursuit, and the maintenance of the competitive level of the team.
  • Relations – This refers to setting the ethical and moral example especially in interaction with all the members of the academic community, game officials, the media, and the public in general.
  • Values – Personal traits or beliefs which adhere to the La Sallian values of religio, mores and cultura, exemplified in the athletes’ pursuit of athletic excellence, characterized by displaying the most desirable character traits