Job Posting for April 26, 2017

Information & Communications Technology Academy, Inc.

Company Background:

iACADEMY was established in 2002 to address the needs of the industry at that time. Realizing the gap between what was being taught in college and what is needed in the industry, the founders of iACADEMY decided to put up a college that would address the concern.

In 2010, iACADEMY became the first IBM Center of Excellence (CoE) in the Philippines and ASEAN region. As a CoE, iACADEMY will serve as a venue to expose IBM clients to current state-of-the-art technology solutions. iACADEMY will also be a source of technical skills for IBM and its partners and IBM will provide technology products, software and training services for iACADEMY faculty and students who can become IBM-certified professionals.

In July 2013 iACADEMY moved to its new home in Buendia at iACADEMY Plaza. The strategic location of iACADEMY is perfect for the working professionals who would like to, on one or two evenings a week, avoid the rush hour traffic while sitting in the comforts of our classrooms while learning something new and exciting. In today’s very dynamic and global world, it is very important for working professionals keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

POSITION TITLE: Marketing Officers

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Delivering orientation and campus tour to potential clients, which include parents, guardians, teachers and students
  • Providing essential information about iACADEMY relating to admissions and enrolment presenting to various audiences outlining admission’s requirements, financial aid and other related inquiries
  • Obtaining information on school schedules, as well as cost of tuition fees and other expenses of potential students
  • Making vital information available to the community through visits and presentations by developing and planning calendar of activities regarding high school visits, college fairs and other college events
  • Coordinating visits with high school counsellors, high school faculty, or other event coordinators ensuring that iACADEMY is represented at school events/functions
  • Working collaboratively with college faculty, staff and current students to attract new students by sharing information and requests with faculty about recruitment opportunities at local high schools.
  • Help the Admissions team on its conversion program
  • Provides administrative works and delegation of tasks
  • Monitors the budget of the Admissions
  • Learning basic information about iACADEMY and answers to frequently asked questions to better serve prospective students and their parents making inquiries, and be able to lead a campus tour for prospective students and their parents


  • Must be a graduate of any 4-year course, preferably in the field of Marketing, Management, Communications;
  • Must have at least two (2) years of experience in communications, marketing and sales, or related-work
  • Must be conversant both in Filipino and English language.

POSITION TITLE:Part Time Faculty Members

College Professors specializing in any of the following:

  • General Education – Philippine/World Literature, Rizal, Filipino, Social Sciences, English
  • Business – Law and Taxation, Accounting, Marketing
  • Design – Multimedia Arts and Animation, Fashion Design
  • Computing – Wed development, Software engineering & Game development

POSITION TITLE:Chairperson, General Education

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assists the Academic Head
  • Provides technical and intellectual leadership in the field of instruction, research and extension to the members of the faculty
  • Ensures the efficacy of the faculty in delivering instructions by developing a system of monitoring and evaluation apart from the student evaluation;
  • Undertakes periodic curriculum review, revision, and development with the assistance of the faculty members;
  • Recruits, screens and recommend the hiring of faculty members to teach subjects in the department in accordance to established policies;
  • Prepares course offerings, institutes methodologies of instructions, adopt proper textbooks and recommend books to add in the library collection;
  • Monitors the attendance of the faculty in their respective classes;
  • Prepares, revise the syllabus in coordination with course specialists of each subject;
  • Ensures that the subject syllabus is religiously followed as basis of instructions by the members of the faculty;
  • Prepares the class schedules along with the corresponding room assignment in close coordination with the different program chairpersons;
  • Prepares the class schedule/load of full-time faculty and part-time faculty members;
  • Provides regular student consultation regarding academic matters to ensure that students are on track of the learning process
  • Prepares and writes teaching materials and modules in close coordination with faculty members
  • Ensures prompt submission and collection of the grades of students at the end of the semester for submission to the registrar.


  • Must have a Master’s Degree, preferably in English and other education courses;
  • Must have at least four (4) years of teaching experience; with administrative appointment is an advantage.

POSITION TITLE:Senior High School Teachers


  • Must be a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Education with specialization in Language, Humanities, Communication, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Physical Education and Health
  • Must be a LET Passer
  • With at least 1 year of teaching experience in high school level

POSITION TITLE:Guidance Counselor

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide counseling sessions regarding educational issues such as course and program selection, class scheduling, school adjustment, truancy, study habits and career planning
  • Assist students in their guidance related needs
  • Oversee the implementation of Guidance services to students
  • Typing and maintenance of communication, subject and confidential file
  • Maintaining and updating collection of students data
  • Communicate and coordinates with faculty to obtain progress reports
  • Support the Guidance Head in supervising the receipt, distribution and accuracy of all testing materials.
  • Prepares, distributes and collects materials for all aspects of testing process
  • Maintain confidentiality, security and integrity of all tests and related materials
  • Support in planning and coordination of different activities
  • Support in parent conferences
  • Support in distribution of flyers and other materials to students
  • Assist with student discipline problems; compile data
  • Maintain case and student contact records
  • Gather information on students and writing reports
  • Supervise and monitor the academic work of students assigned


  • Must be a graduate of BS Psychology, preferably with Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling (or units on-going)
  • Registered Guidance Counselor is an advantage
  • Experience in tertiary level is required.

POSITION TITLE:Assistant Building Administrator


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering or any allied course
  • Must have 4-5 year work experience in property management, building maintenance and administration


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing primary health care and first aid to students, faculty and staff;
  • Rendering emergency nursing care to affected students in cases of injury or illness;
  • Assisting with the medical check-up of students;
  • Rendering first aid measures, nursing care in emergency cases, administers oral medicines and make independent decisions in the absence of the physician;
  • Providing efficient referral for students, faculty and staff in need of urgent medical attention;
  • Notifying parents or guardian of accidents or illnesses of their child/ward and secure medical care for students in case of emergency cases (if parents or emergency contacts cannot be reached);
  • Developing, recommending and implementing health and wellness services to ensure proactive health programs for students and school personnel;
  • Helping in the coordination of various health programs of the clinic with the direct authority of the school;
  • Providing series of seminars on health education and wellness;
  • Doing routine medical office work;
  • Performing consultations on health education and wellness together with the Doctor and Dentist Consultant;
  • Reporting potential health and safety hazards;
  • Keeping an active file of the medical records of students and maintains confidentiality of all health information and records;
  • Making requisition for medicine, medical supplies and equipment; and
  • Making itemized lists of medicines and supplies.


  • Must be a graduate of BS Nursing; Registered Nurse required;
  • With at least a year of experience in a hospital or school setting;
  • With Basic Life Support training and with ability to respond in emergency situations.

Contact Details:

Interested applicants may send their resume via email to:
Human Resources Department
iACADEMY Plaza, 324 Sen Gil Puyat Ave. Bel-Air, Makati City
Tel Nos. 889-7777 local 813
Office Hours: 8:00 AM -5:00 PM (Mondays to Fridays)



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