Job Posting for April 17, 2017

MetroPac Water Investments Corporation

Company Background:

MetroPac Water Investments Corp. (MWIC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (PSE: MPI). MWIC is the lead investor of the Metro Pacific group for water projects outside the Greater Manila Area.

POSITION TITLE:Engineering Specialist

Job Purpose:

  • The role is responsible to undertake all necessary technical assessment of proposed business development projects and be responsible in the preparation of Pre-Feasibility Technical Reports and other documents for submission until closing of project proposals.

Job Duties:

  • The Engineering Specialist shall be responsible in preparing project technical reports composed of, but not limited to, project technical concept, preliminary technical design including population projection, water demand study/ analysis, hydrology, hydraulic analysis, aerial photography/ videography, project costing/ estimate, project scheduling including other necessary technical items not mentioned but are required to complete the project assessment.
  • This shall include preparation of Preliminary Technical Feasibility Study (FS), data gathering, research work & studies, new technology assessment and all other related technical reports necessary to support the business development requirements. The Engineering Specialist shall also be responsible in conducting plant visits, water resource validation, preliminary water quality assessment and should display innovative and creative character.


  1. Define technical project scope and deliverables that support the overall business development strategy for assigned project areas
  2. Identify all water resources, i.e. rivers, streams including groundwater resource within or nearby the target project area or delivery points.
  3. Conduct necessary site visit/ inspection/ assessment of all proposed water resources including those that may be used by project challengers
  4. Conduct necessary river flow measurements/ analysis to ensure minimum and maximum yield capacity
  5. Do a preliminary hydrology study using any streamflow analysis to correlate actual river flow measurements vs. climate data and actual data results
  6. Establish a population projection based on historical records, census, and projection standards by the NSO.
  7. Establish an overall water demand projection including necessary expansion program and non-revenue water reduction program
  8. Establish a complete hydraulic analysis including design of pumping and booster stations as required to deliver water to specified delivery points
  9. Establish projected budgetary cost estimate or capital Expense (CAPEX) required based on unit cost standards used by Maynilad, local water districts, contractors, local government entities, and LWUA.
  10. Establish projected Operational Expenses (OPEX) required for the project including but not limited to variable expenses, maintenance expenses, salaries and wages, etc.
  11. Identify all existing water permits within or nearby the target project area or delivery points
  12. Design and estimate of appropriate Septage management plan based on population projection and the National Sewerage and Septage Management Program (NSSMP)
  13. Preparation of Preliminary Technical Feasibility Study as required for submission of project proposals.
  14. Acquisition of UAV License under CAAP for aerial videography of proposed water sources and project areas.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering
  • Licensed Engineer required
  • Experience in water or wastewater hydraulic modelling/ analysis
  • Experience in project budgetary costing
  • Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Knowledge in basic AutoCAD
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Open to fresh graduates

POSITION TITLE:Private/Public Partnership (PPP) Specialist

Job Purpose:
The primary mission of the PPP Specialist is to support the PPP Manager in developing business opportunities for the Company.

Job Duties:

  1. Generate business leads and identify opportunities for MWIC entry or participation
  2. Coordinate the conduct of due diligence, feasibility studies, and other activities for analyzing PPP, JV, and other growth opportunities
  3. Prepare presentations and proposals for target clients and partners
  4. Gather market intelligence, including political mapping and analysis of competitors
  5. Track project expenses


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Economics, Engineering, or Public Policy
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience in project management, government relations, research, or public relations

Required Competencies:

  1. Principled and committed to maintaining a high level of integrity
  2. Independent, entrepreneurial, and resilient in times of adversity
  3. Inspires trust and openness by being respectful, tactful, and adaptable
  4. Service- oriented and eager to empower others
  5. Innovative, creative, curious, and future-oriented
  6. Organized and attentive to detail
  7. Rigorous with deadlines
  8. Confident and sociable
  9. Responds to feedback
  10. Good proposal writing skills

Official Working Hours: Semi-flexible

Contact Details:

Rossan Anicia J. Joson
HR Specialist
Tel No: 888-0888



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