Making referrals for counseling is a skill which requires tact, sensitivity, and at times, firmness.

Students, even if they request help, are often ambivalent and embarrassed to ask for such assistance. Our main goal is to relieve as many of their fears and answer as many of their questions as reasonably as we can.

While it is important to care about their emotional well-being, we cannot make decisions for them, and counseling is always a personal choice. A student has the freedom to refuse a referral. However, if you feel uncomfortable and believe that the student’s behavior may endanger his/her well-being and those of others, it is our utmost responsibility to provide such help to the student without necessarily getting his/her consent.

The Counselors believe and acknowledge the fact that your effort to refer students to OCCS is a big step to facilitate our students’ holistic growth and development.

Question #1: When do I refer?

Question #2: Who do I refer?

Question #3: How do I refer?


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