Student Organizations


A. Student Lasallian Animators

The Student Lasallian Animators are community of student and youth ministers that help the Lasallian Pastoral Office in administering its services. The SLAs, together with LSPO volunteers and partners work hand-in-hand in the different formation programs. They animate through collaborative ministry, motivated to continue the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle by exemplifying and witnessing the values of faith, service and communion in mission. It is their fundamental task to carry out the vision and mission of the Lasallian Pastoral Office and in so doing carries out the vision-mission of the university.

The Student Lasallian Animators envision themselves as a community, guided by the LSPO, living the values of faith, zeal for service, & communion in mission, and supporting each other in pursuing their goal of becoming one family geared towards being achievers for God and Country.

The Student Lasallian Animators are committed to the fulfillment of their vision by being dynamic and responsible individuals actively participating and animating the worship, service, formation, and fellowship aspects of their group life.


Liturgical Committee (LitCom)
SLAs who belong to this committee assist the Worship Ministry Coordinator in the planning and implementation of the liturgical activities e.g. assistance in the preparation of the Mass or by serving as Liturgical Ministers: Choir members, Lectors and Commentators, and Altar Servers.

Retreat & Recollection Committee (R & R)
SLAs who belong to this committee assist the Coordinator and Co-coordinator of the Retreats and Recollections Ministry during the period of preparation. They also act as co-facilitators during the retreats and recollections of students, faculty and staff.

Publicity Committee
This committee is primarily in-charge of disseminating information about the various activities and services that the Lasallian Pastoral Office provides for the Lasallian community. SLAs who are part of this committee are challenged to bring out their creativity in terms of creating materials such as: posters, tarpaulins, web announcements and develop various ways that will effectively inform and engage the Lasallian community to participate in the activities & services being offered by the office.

Advocacy and Outreach Committee
This committee takes the initiative of creating opportunities wherein the SLAs are able to engage themselves in programs/projects/ or simple activities that at socially relevant and in one way or another support the Lasallian mission of helping the last, the lost, and the least in society.

Documentation Committee
This committee is taking charge of the documentation of all the programs of the Lasallian Pastoral Office. Together with the coordinator in-charge, they will help in keeping files and documents such photos, videos, and written reports and minutes.


B. Catholic Religious Organization of Students (CROSs)

The religious organizations seek to establish greater collaboration with the Lasallian community through the Lasallian Pastoral Office to offer various gifts and charism. The Student Catholic Action (SCA) which is said to be the oldest religious organization in De La Salle University, offers opportunities for the youth and students to discover leadership through community engagement through the use of See-Judge-Act. Youth for Christ (YFC) and Youth for Family and Life (YFL) share a unique approach in evangelizing the young today through praise and worship. Christ Youth in Action (CYA) as well calls young people to be active agents of transformation. The two adult groups namely Spirit of Faith Community (SFC) and Singles for Christ (SFC) live the values of communion proclaiming the Word of God through small communities. Its function also is to help build faith life communities and draw them to the liturgical celebrations and other services prepared by the office.

CROSs Vision-Mission

One Lasallian community carrying the core values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion, empowering the students to be catalysts of social transformation for the glory of God.

Member-Organizations of Catholic Religious Organization of Students (CROSs)
1. Couples for Christ – Youth for Christ (CFC – YFC)
2. Foundation for Family Life – Youth for Family & Life (FFL – YFL)
3. Student Catholic Action (SCA)
4. Christ Youth in Action (CYA)