Students Formation

With our commitment to form our students in becoming persons of faith, service and communion, the Lasallian Pastoral Office (LSPO) conducts retreat and recollections to all our undergraduate students. The students are required to enroll and attend these programs being part of their curriculum. Their LASARE schedule is reflected on their Enrolment Assessment Form (EAF). Each program focuses on a particular Lasallian value which helps them integrate their faith and student life.
LASARE1 - Whole Day Recollection for 1st Year Students, conducted during Monday to Friday
LASARE2 - Whole Day Recollection for 2nd/3rd Year Students, conducted on Saturdays
LASARE3 - Overnight Retreat for Graduating Students, conducted from Friday to Saturday (except during the Culmination Week of the Centennial Celebrations)

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Mass Based Formation Programs LASARE1 A one-day recollection for first year students that focuses on the development of the Lasallian core values of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission among the participants. It invites each of the participants to: recognize and appreciate the presence of God in their person, in others and in the events of their lives; appreciate their beauty and goodness as a human being; understand that faith is innate and a gift from God and be challenged to make a personal commitment in maturing in their faith.

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A one-day recollection for second year students that deepen the Lasallian Core Values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion in Mission by helping them become more aware of their calling. The program provides an opportunity to understand what “calling” is and its principles; to be moved to respond to the greater reality beyond; to identify their gifts and passions that will enable them to respond to their calling; and to express in writing how God is calling them in their present reality.

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An overnight off-campus spiritual development activity for graduating students that aims to integrate the Lasallian Core Values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion in Mission in their life‟s quest for excellence as they relate their personal experiences and aspirations with the Lasallian founding story and mission. The program focuses on the students‟ own concerns, inner aspirations, and desires, while appreciating the presence of God in their personal history and various experiences in life as they shape their values and visions to serve the poor.


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