Adult Formation


Graduate Students

College of Law Students
LAWREC An adult formation program for College of Law students consisting of two one day recollections for first year and second year students (LAWREC1 and LAWREC2) and two overnight retreats for third and fourth year students (LAWREC3 and LAWREC4). The program started on AY 2010-11 with the first sections undergoing the LAWREC1 for first year students.

To strengthen the formation program for the members of our Lasallian Community, the Lasallian Pastoral Office and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) continue to provide formation programs for the Administrative and Professional Service Personnel (APSP) and Co-Academic Personnel (CAP) . The program aims to help the participants experience growth in their relationships, with others and with God. Realizing that there is more to work than earning a living, the program hopes to help them appreciate their work by looking at it as a response to a calling to be part of the Lasallian Mission of educating the young, especially the poor.

The Lasallian Formation Series is a regular Adult Formation Program and is divided into four stages namely: Rheims, Vaugirard, Parmenie and St. Yon Experiences