Special Liturgies

Lasallian Personal Enrichment Program (LPEP) Mass

To assist the new students in their adjustments to their new life, the university has organized the LPEP. One of the highlights of this program is the LPEP Mass. The mass initiates them to the Lasallian spirituality that they will imbibe for the next three or more years of their stay in the university. During the Mass, a La Salle Brother is invited to give an inspiring gospel sharing and reflection.

Baccalaureate Masses

These masses for graduating students invite the students to reflect on the three or more years that they have spent in the university. It encourages them to reexamine their lives and career goals and realign their intentions once again to the Lasallian values. Three masses are held every year for graduating students. An average of 900 students graduates from the different colleges every term.

Novena Masses for the Dead

The community recognizes that the reality of death allows us to reflect on our purpose here on earth. Special prayers are said for the dead during masses and the community is invited to reflect on making one‟s life meaningful and significant. The community is asked to drop the names of their departed in special boxes as a symbol of the community‟s remembrance of the dead.

Lasallian Action Week Thematic Masses

The Lasallian Action Week organized by the Lasallian Pastoral Office and the Center for Social Concern and Action challenges members of the community to put their faith into action. Special liturgies that highlight Lasallian involvement in social and political situations are organized during this week. During the Mass, invited sharers give gospel reflection and inspirational messages that encourage Lasallians to play an active role in the life of the nation.


The reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation completes a person‟s initiation into the Christian life. The sacrament marks the Christian‟s readiness to be a witness of Christ by word and deed. Members of the community who have not yet received this sacrament avail of this opportunity organized by LSPO during the Lasallian Action Week every month of November

Simbang Gabi sa De La Salle

The prayerful and joyful Filipino tradition of observing the nine days of novena masses in preparation for Christ birth is kept alive in DLSU Manila. As the anticipation for Christmas intensifies, this invitation to pray in the early hours of the morning allows the community to reflect on the meaning of Christ‟s birth in their lives amidst all the commercial fanfare it brings.

Stations of the Cross

As a preparation for Easter and as an occasion to deepen the community‟s relationship with the Suffering Christ, the Stations of the Cross is held every Friday during the season of Lent. During the liturgy, the community is encouraged to reflect on Christ‟s suffering, death and resurrection in the context of their personal lives and that of the country and the whole world. Each office or organization takes charge of a station located around the campus.