Vision – Mission

A leading campus ministry forming the Lasallian community towards faith-life integration in becoming authentic disciples and prophetic citizens

Core Functions and Strategic Objectives

  • To deepen the faith life integration of the Lasallian community with creative and meaningful liturgical celebrations.

Spiritual Formation

  • To form and develop Lasallians who are authentic disciples and prophetic citizens.

Spirituality and Faith Development Research

  • To nurture a research culture in LSPO.

Community Building

  • To nurture a quality community life that is conducive to the growth of authentic disciples and prophetic citizens.

Core Competencies
LSPO is known for and distinguished by

  • Providing spiritual formation programs that leads to faith-life integration
  • Providing opportunities to build faith communities composed of authentic disciples and prophetic citizens
  • Nurturing the faith-life of the community through meaningful liturgical celebrations
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to deepen their prayer life
  • Empowering its volunteers and partners to become spiritual leaders
  • Develop research-based spiritual formation and faith development programs and services
  • Serving the Church by promoting vocations to the religious life