2012 Lasallian Scholarum Awards

The Lasallian Scholarum Awards is an annual recognition program for outstanding media coverage of Filipino youth and education issues by print, photo, broadcast, and campus journalists.

Sponsored by the Office for Strategic Communications of De La Salle University, the campaign aims to generate awareness among various sectors, from government and non-government organizations to private companies and individuals, on critical issues confronting the education sector. This endeavor encourages proactive initiatives toward the development of the country's educational system.

The Lasallian Scholarum Awards is open to print, photo, broadcast and campus journalists. There are six categories. The first three categories are published feature article, column article, and photograph on youth and education in a nationally circulated publication. The fourth category is televised feature story on youth and education while the fifth category is a feature story on De La Salle University. The sixth category is published article on youth and education in a school organ.

Winners of the 2012 Lasallian Scholarum Awards
Outstanding Feature Article on Youth and Education in a nationally-circulated publication

“ We are the heroes that We Need”
by Rachel Barawid, Manila Bulletin

Outstanding Photograph on Youth and Education

“ Boy reads wet book”
by JB. R. Deveza, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Outstanding Televised Feature on Youth and Education

by Kara David, I-Witness, GMA

Outstanding Column Article on Youth and Education

“ Schools as Facebook Patrol”
by Raul C. Pangalangan, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Outstanding Feature on Youth and Education in a School Organization

“ Fan fiction: the stepping stone for young writers”
by Lora Marie Lumba , St Scholastica, June- August 2011 issue of The Scholastican

Outstanding Feature on De La Salle University

“ De La Salle University 100 years on the ‘green’ side” by Angel Bombarda, Sunday Times Magazine