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25 FEBRUARY 2002. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 37. 4 PAGES   

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La Salle Brothers to honor loyal employees

Thirteen members of the De La Salle University (DLSU)-Manila community will receive the Juan Medrano Service Award this school year for having served a Lasallian institution for 25 years.

The award is given by the De La Salle Brothers-Philippine District to recognize faculty, support staff, or personnel with at least 25 years of continuous service to any Lasallian school in the District. It is a tribute to Juan Medrano— the first lay teacher who taught with the Brothers from 1915 until his retirement in 1963.

The awardees for DLSU-M is led by former Constitutional Commissioner Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta who will give the response in behalf of the awardees. Villacorta is a professor of political science, and is currently the President of the Yuchengco Center for East Asia (YCEA) at DLSU-M. YCEA is a think tank serving the academic, business, government and diplomatic sectors.

Other awardees and the offices they serve are: Hernani Abelardo, Trinidad Quizon, and Ismael Serrano, College of Engineering; Lilia Barrona, Registrar’s Office; Dr. Oscar Bautista, Physical Education; Severina Kikuchi, Student Financial Assistance Program; Virginia Pastor, Student Development; Virginia Realica, Library; Atty. Jose Oscar Salazar, Commercial Law; and Anita Buenaventura, Brothers’ Community.

A testimonial and a thanksgiving mass in honor of the awardees will be held on February 28 at the Brothers’ Community Chapel. DLSU System President and DLSU-M Executive Vice President Dr. Carmelita Quebengco will present the awards.

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