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18 FEBRUARY 2002. VOLUME 36. NUMBER 31. 4 PAGES   

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Graduate courses on entrepreneurship, financial engineering to be offered

The College of Business and Economics will offer two new graduate programs namely: Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MS-Ent) and Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE), beginning June this year.

The MS-Entrepreneurship program, a 42-unit course, aims to develop competent and globally oriented entrepreneurs for small and medium-sized Philippine enterprises.

It focuses primarily on the professional development needs and skills of people who are involved in startup operations of business ventures. The program can be completed in two years and one term on a part-time basis.

The student of the program should be able to own or manage a business and propose a five-year business plan prior to graduation.
On the other hand, the MS-Financial Engineering program, also a 42-unit course, offers a fusion of mathematics, statistics and computer technology to the study of finance. It is envisioned to be a highly competitive masteral program that will equip the students with a thorough and comprehensive set of tools to meet the requirements of a vibrant financial economy.

It is designed for current or would-be risk managers, treasury managers, investment bankers, arbitrage managers, international traders, quantitative asset managers, financial researcher, and financial forecasters.

Both courses are open to all bachelor’s degree holders who can successfully pass admission requirements and interviews. Other programs presently offered by the CBE Graduate Studies are MS in Accountancy, Economics, Industrial Relations Management, and Marketing.

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