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My.LaSalle offers new features

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The “My.LaSalle” (MLS) portal, developed by the Information Technology Center as a personal conduit of students to all university information, is offering new and improved features.A number of student transactions can already be made via the portal, which is located at It offers students the opportunity to activate their Internet accounts or change their password. Students can also open their emails from an internet café without dialing up the DLSU servers.

At the same time, it allows a more efficient enrolment system. Students can now use it not only in the enlistment stage but also during the actual enrolment period.

For clearances, students can use the portal to check if they have pending accounts, instead of going to the Registrar’s Office. This new feature is being developed further so that concerned units such as the Library or the Accounting Office can automatically issue student clearances, without the students having to wait for the Registrar’s records. According to ITC, the system can prompt students of their status before proceeding with their enrolment.

Meanwhile, the recent online enrollment for Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) was also implemented in the MLS portal. The LEAP classes were offered during the University Week.

trike photoAn energy mix.

In the recent issue of Breakthrough, we inadvertently labeled it as a model electric vehicle. Not quite. This ordinary-looking tricycle uses extraordinary alternative power sources such as liquefied petroleum gasoline (LPG) and solar energy. This “green” transport was put together by mechanical engineering students, with Professor Lawrence Gan Lim as their adviser.




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