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Memorial mass for deceased Lasallians slated

De La Salle University-Manila will hold the Annual Memorial Mass for Deceased Lasallians on February 12, 5:30 p.m. at the Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Lasallians will gather to pray for the repose of the souls of community members who died during the past year, as well as people who died in the Chapel in an assault by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.

Fr. Francis Salcedo, University Chaplain, will celebrate the Mass. The Mass will be offered for the following: Alumni—Ernesto V. Santos (HS ’35), Manuel R. Galvez, Jr. (HS ’62, BSME ’67), Miguel Campos (HS ’36), Donald M. Moraza (HS ’54), Augusto P. Quirino (HS ’49, ACS ’51), Jose Danilo Siscar (GS ’59, HS ’63, BSBA ’67), Renato N. Agustin (BSC ’71), Antonio L. De las Alas, Jr. (HS ’39), Gabriel M. Cristobal (BSC ’41), Charles E. Russell (HS ’36, BSC ’39), Ricardo Lara (HS ’50, BSC ’54), Juan K. Luz (HS ’37, BSC ’41), Jose Antonio A. Velez (GS ’62, HS ’66, AB-BSC ’71), Joaquin M. Carrion, Sr. (BSC ’31), Jesus M. Aldeguer, Jr. (HS ’64, AB-BSC ’69), Edward Robert C. Yu (HS ‘65, BS BA ‘69), Teodoro P. De Vera (HS ’26), Alfred P. Almario (BSC ’84), Valentin “Tito” M. Eduque (HS ’46, ACS ’48, BSC ’50), and Ana Marie Sta. Ana, MD (BS-Bio ’88); Faculty—Claro Ceniza, Exaltacion Ramos, and Cristy Hernandez; Staff—Edgar de Guzman; Students—Noemi Espinosa and Michael Jose M. Lapuoz.



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