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11 FEBRUARY 2002. VOLUME 35. NUMBER 31. 4 PAGES   

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American Studies Asia Journal launched

De La Salle University-Manila marks another achievement in the area of research publication as the International Studies Department of the College of Liberal Arts through the American Studies Program formally inaugurated the American Studies Asia journal.

Published by the DLSU Press, the journal was launched on January 31 at the European Documentation Research Center of the University Library. The event was witnessed by administrators, faculty, students and special guests from other schools as well as representatives from the United States Embassy.

Journal editor Dr. Oscar Campomanes describes the journal publishing project as an “…attempt to engage the increasing calls in the United States for the ‘internationalization’ of American Studies, particularly from the perspective of areas like the Asia-Pacific where dominant US economic, political, and cultural presence, at least since the last century, has had transformative impact on the modern and late-modern formations of US global sway and of various Asia-Pacific societies/peoples.”

Dr. Thomas Kral, cultural affairs officer of the US Embassy, commended the journal editors for their vision and hard work. He believes that the launching of American Studies Asia strengthens the international American Studies community through its free flow of ideas and use of cross-cultural analysis. He welcomed contributions of international Americanists towards fostering a better understanding of how America is perceived around the globe.

Leading and emerging American scholars and critics serve as members of the Editorial Board and Collective.

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