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La Salle to host Young Economists

Senior and junior economists will articulate their ideas on national development during the Young Economists Convention on February 8 and 9 at the De La Salle University (DLSU) International Conference Center.

February 9 Feast Day
Saint Brother
Miguel Febres Cordero

Francisco Febres Cordero was born into a family that has always been prominent in Ecuadorian politics. Crippled from birth, he had to overcome family opposition to realize his vocation to be a lay religious, the first native of Ecuador to be received into the Institute.

Brother Miguel was a gifted teacher from the start and a diligent student. In time his research and publications in the field of literature and linguistics put him in touch with scholars all over the world and he was granted membership in the National Academies of Ecuador, Spain, and France.

Transferred to the junior novitiate at Premia del Mar in Spain, during a revolutionary outbreak in 1909 he supervised a dramatic evacuation of his young charges to the safety of Barcelona across the bay. Shortly after they were able to return, he contracted pneumonia and he died at Premia, leaving behind a remarkable reputation as scholar, teacher, and saint.(excerpt from the Lasallian2org)

A string of powerhouse economists will articulate and share their ideas during the two-day conference, to be led by Hon. Dante Canlas, National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Director General, who will give the keynote speech on “The national development and action plan to move the Philippines forward in the face of global recession.”

The convention is sponsored by the Angelo King Institute for Economics and Business Studies, the Anthony Aguirre Memorial Foundation, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Student representatives from the Junior Philippine Economic Society and the DLSU-Manila’s Economics Organization, co-organizers of the event, will participate in panel discussion on globalization, adjustment, and poverty.

Speakers for the panel include International Monetary Fund Resident Dr. Sean Nolan, DLSU-M College of Business and Economics Dean Dr. Michael Alba, Dr. Arsenio Balisacan of the UP School of Economics (UPSE), and Isidro Antonio Asper of the Federation of Free Workers.

UPSE Dean Dr. Raul Fabella and Dr. Ruben Nayve of St. Scholastica’s College will lead the panel discussion on the state of economics education in the Philippines.

Students can also choose between two key sectoral strategies and reform challenges. One session will feature Bureau of Agricultural Research Director Dr. Eliseo Ponce, and Department of Trade and Industry Assistant Secretary Dr. Toby Monsod.

The other session will have speakers such as Asian Development Bank and World Bank Economist Dr. Jose Edgardo Campos and Philippine Stock Exchange President Hon. Ernest Leung.
House Speaker Jose de Venecia will interact with young student economists in an informal exchange on the Philippine economy. In a special session, former senior economic officials will articulate their reflections on the Philippine underdevelopment. Panelists include Former NEDA Director Generals Dr. Cielito Habito, Dr. Cayetano Paderanga, Jr., and Dr. Vicente Valdepenas.

Other highlights of the convention include a panel discussion with Chief Executive Officers on prospect and challenges in selected industries such as telecommunications, banking, and energy, among other sectors, and a competition among students for their research. The best undergraduate thesis will be awarded at the end of the convention.
For details, contact Mark John Joven at 258 8292 or 0917 5344673 or at the ICC at 524 5389 or 524 5333.

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