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DLSU-M to give special awards in graduation rites

De La Salle University-Manila will confer on two outstanding individuals special awards during the commencement exercises on February 2 at the Philippine International Convention Center. The Signum Meriti Medal will be given to Rev. Fr. Patricio Lim, while a Doctor of Science honoris causa will be awarded to Dr. David John Booth.

Rev. Fr. Lim, “a papal chaplain, outstanding pastor, and exemplary counselor of married couples” as stated in his citation, was ordained at the Gregorian University in Rome. A distinguished alumnus, Lim had formal training from grade school to college at DLSU-M (then known as De La Salle College), finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Summa Cum Laude.

January 30 Feast Day
Saint Brother Mutien-Marie (1841-1917)

Louis Wiaux was born in a small village in French-speaking Belgium. Neither physically nor emotionally suited to his father’s trade as a blacksmith, Louis was convinced that the Lord was calling him to a different kind of forge.

No sooner had he met the Brothers in a nearby school than Louis determined to enter the novitiate in Namur. Brother Mutien was assigned to the boarding school in Malonne where he would spend the next 58 years. He was not only an effective teacher, a vigilant prefect in the school yard, and a catechist in the nearby parish, but a tremendous influence on the students by his patience and evident piety.

After his death in Malonne, his fame began to spread through Belgium where many miracles were attributed to him. His relics can be venerated in Malonne at the shrine built in his honor after his canonization.

He served different chaplainries, most notable of which are his service as parish priest to St. Joseph Baras, Rizal, and Sta. Maria della Strada in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. In those two parishes, he served his apostolate through Marriage Encounter retreats.

Rev. Fr. Lim will celebrate the baccalaureate mass for the current batch of graduates.

DLSU-M awards the Signum Meriti Medal to individuals for outstanding performance in one’s chosen career or for other notable actions worthy of public recognition.

Meanwhile, Booth will be awarded an honorary degree, recognizing his lifework as an “accomplished scientist and technologist, dedicated mentor of students of science, and outstanding proponent of science education in developing countries,” as written in his citation. Booth is a professor and head of the School of Biophysical Sciences and Electrical Engineering at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

A Doctor of Philosophy in Science graduate of Melbourne University, Booth spent 35 years teaching and doing research in various Asian countries including Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. He was in the Philippines under the Australian International Development Program to introduce laser radar research.


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