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22 JAN 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 31. 4 PAGES   

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System admi workshop yields prospects for next 10 years

The Mid-year Planning Workshop among DLSU System administrators emphasized how the System can play a pivotal role in shaping the country and the youth, who are its future leaders.
During the workshop, the Brother President re-articulated his call for renewal, research, and development--a challenge to administrators to respond to the crisis facing the country while at the same time maintaining its status as a premier educational institution.

Among the vital points discussed was the ten-year development plan for the System. A Central Committee will be formed to draw the plan. It will consist of the Executive Vice Presidents, the System Vice Presidents, and one Dean from each of the System units recommended by the EVP. The System President will chair the Central Committee.

Meanwhile, administrators also discussed some key projects for the System, among which is the expansion of the President Scholarship Program. A committee was formed to study its feasibility, looking at the possibility of tying the tuition waiver benefit to faculty achievement, promotion, rank, and tenure. Other projects up for study include the trimestral system, implementation of the Andersen Study, and the unified testing for the DLSU System.

Poet Merlinda Bobis to give lecture at La Salle

When Merlinda Bobis performs her poetry, she transforms time and space, becoming an embodiment of the magical Daragang Magayon, of whom she has written an epic. This multi-talented and awarded author is visiting the University on January 30 for a lecture-reading called “Border Lover: A Lecture-Reading on Crossing Cultures, Genres, Styles, and Perceptions.”

The lecture-reading is part of the Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing and Research Center (BNSCWRC) Craft Lecture Series which had previously featured outstanding literary artists like the late Bienvenido N. Santos himself, Paulino Lim, Clodualdo del Mundo, Cirilo Bautista, and Isagani Cruz. This program enables young writers and students of Philippine Literature to engage practitioners in the art of creative writing in a dialogue on craft. It also offers a chance of hearing the writer give voice to his own works.

The lecture of Bobis will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the Ortigas Seminar Room . The venue is limited to 30 participants. Those who are interested to participate are enjoined to call the BNSCWRC for seat reservation on or before January 19.
The Department of Literature and Philippine Languages and BNSCWRC co-sponsors the lecture-reading, in coordination with two student organizations, the Literary Circle and the Malate Literary Folio.

A former faculty member of the Department of Literature and Philippine Languages, Bobis is now residing in Australia, teaching at the University of Wollonggong. Bobis’ major works include Rituals, Ang Lipad ay Awit sa Apat na Hangin, Kantada ng Babaing Mandirigma Daragang Magayon, War Trilogy, and White Turtle.

Bobis has just finished a successful book tour in the United States to promote The Kissing (the US edition of White Turtle), which received the 2001 Judges’ Choice Award at the Bumbershoot Bookfair of the Seattle Arts Festival, the Steele Rudd Award for the Best Collection of Australian Short Stories for 2000, and a Philippine National Book Award from the Manila Critics Circle.

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