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15 JAN 2001. VOLUME 31. NUMBER 31. 4 PAGES 

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2 Lasallians get prizes for poetry

Two Lasallians won in the recently concluded Home Life poetry contest. Alex de Juan, editor of the De La Salle University Press, received the second prize in the Filipino category for his poem, “Pobreng Patay.”
Rebecca Añonuevo, a Literature graduate student of the College of Liberal Arts, took the third prize, also in the same category, for her poem titled “Senyal.” The winners each received a cash prize and a plaque.

A St. Paul’s publication, Home Life is a Cebu-based family magazine. Dr. Leoncio Deriada, the magazine’s poetry editor, served as the chairman of the board of judges. Cris Robert Cellan, SSP, is the magazine editor.

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