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15 JAN 2001. VOLUME 31. NUMBER 31. 4 PAGES 

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University of Portsmouth profs build link with COE

Dr. Simon Claridge and Mike Purvis of the University of Portsmouth visited the College of Engineering from January 7 to 21 to foster the academic link between their university and De La Salle University-Manila. The link is known as the “Development of Environmental Systems Management Programmes in the Philippines.” Funded by the British Council-Manila, the program started on April 1 of last year and will continue until March 31 of 2004.

Several lectures were scheduled during their visit to DLSU-M. On January 10, Claridge gave a presentation on the University of Portsmouth, while Purvis spoke on sustainable energy in the 21st century.
During the graduate course offering on Environmental Management on January 11, Claridge and Purvis discussed topics on environmental problems and combustion and air pollution.

Purvis will give the last lecture on January 21. He will talk about waste minimization and clean technology.

Bautista gives key address in Japan confab

Dr. Lourdes Bautista, Full Professor of the English Language Education Department and director of Graduate Studies of the College of Education, gave the keynote address at the 10th national conference of the Japan Association for Asian Englishes. The event was held at the Kanazawa University of Economics in Kanazawa, Japan.
Bautista’s paper was titled, “English in Contact with Philippine Languages: Taglish and Philippine English.” Seventy participants from all over Japan attended the said conference.

ECE faculty presents paper in national confab

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) faculty members and selected students presented their research output in the 2nd ECE National Conference. The event was held at the University of Santo Tomas on November 28-29 of last year.

The theme of the conference was “ECE at the Forefront of Digital Revolution.”
Dr. Felixberto Cruz presented his paper titled, “An Alternate Method for Galois Field Addition,” while Roderick Yap presented two papers, “Basic Cache Memory Modeling” and “A Synthesizable Verilog Model for a RISC CPU Using the Von-Neumann Architecture.”

With the guidance of their adviser, Edwin Sybingco, recent BS ECE graduates presented their thesis titled, “Automatic Fingerprint Identification System with Smart Card Integration.” They are Edmond dela Cruz, Anselmo Malabanan, Monaliza Marcelo, Maria Cecilia Milo, and Marco Miranda.

The conference provided a venue for representatives from the government, academe, and industry to discuss the current state of ECE education in the Philippines. Representatives from various academic institutions in the Philippines as well as those from the government and industry contributed their research outputs.

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