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Video streaming enhances
instruction delivery

To enhance its services as well as to boost instruction delivery, the Center for Educational Multimedia (CREM) launched last week its new website and video streaming at the e-classroom.

CREM added new features to its website, incorporating more interactive features such as online registration, online form to request training modules, and a guest book. Also included in the site are services offered, schedule of training, portfolio, and other details about the office.

The website can be accessed at www.dlsu.edu.ph/offices/crem/index.html.
CREM’s training on the fifth module yielded video streams of faculty members conducting a lecture accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation. Video streaming is a feature of the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment. It complements other online and interactive features such as discussion forum, distribution list, lecture plan, chat room, and a frequently asked question-builder.

The Center engaged the services of Bitstop, Inc., an information technology product and services company based in Dagupan, to train the CREM staff on video streaming over the internet.

Twenty-five faculty members from the different colleges have so far completed the module, and have video clips of themselves giving their lecture online.

The video streams are password-protected, and may be used by students enrolled in classes taught with online and interactive features. These are available at crem.dlsu.edu.ph. This enhanced feature in teaching provides ample opportunities for individual and interactive learning.

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