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DLSU-M, Asian partners set up cultural lab

In support of regional cooperation and development, De La Salle University-Manila joins other Asian universities in establishing the Asiatic Laboratory of Cultural and Social Studies for school year 2002-2003.
The laboratory is being developed as part of the vision that the university is an institution for citizenship and integration and also a vector for sustainable co-development to build new forms of thinking and acting together.

As the Philippine representative, DLSU-M’s contribution will be on the issue of women and their work and development.

The other universities taking part are: Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, to work on the effects of the 1997 Korean crisis on the society and the setting up of responses in terms of training and education; N. Niketan Institute of Social Work and Don Bosco Shelter in Mumbai, India, to look into the plight of street children and their development; Bangalore University in Bangalore, India, to study ageing and development; and Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta in Indonesia, to focus on childhood and development.
The setting up of the international laboratory within Asian environments rests on the same academic principles as those employed by the Latin-American laboratory.

The project involves a bigger network and collective work towards effective social engagement. Furthermore, the academic establishments will be placed at the service of the grassroots communities.

The participating universities and institutes will set up academic activities, which include professional training and community activities such as the production of community projects and social intervention.

Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, DLSU-M vice president for academics and research, represented the University during the meeting of the directors of the project last December 10-12 at Assumption University in Bangkok. The meeting looked into the significance of the project at both the global and the local levels.

Lasallian recognized as most outstanding international student

The Philippine International Friendship Organization (PIFO) recognized Lasallian foreign student Helena Michael as one of the Three Most Outstanding International Students of the Philippines. The formal presentation of the winners for the 32nd Search for the Three Most Outstanding International Students of the Philippines was held at the University of Los Baños last December.

Helena, who hails from Malaysia, is a freshman from the College of Education under the BSE Religious Education – BA Psychology Program.
Helena and two other foreign students from the Far Eastern University and the University of the East were be recognized for their academic excellence, leadership qualities, and school and community involvement.

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