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08 JAN 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 30. 4 PAGES_ 

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Brother Roly calls for renewal,
research, development

DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC reiterates his call for a stronger commitment among the System units to work towards being resource for God and country. Renewal, Research and Development, or RRD 2002 for short, will be the battle cry for the year and will likewise form the framework for the President’s priority programs.

With the current political atmosphere, Brother Roly advocates a strong institutional renewal, beginning with evangelizing our own community, specifically in “improving the quality of relationships within the System.” The renewal process will also engage the community in reviewing comprehensively both the mission-vision, as well as the core curriculum to assess if the institution still serves the needs of students and the country in general.

Meanwhile, the President sees that DLSU-M will take the lead in initiating a comprehensive research program from which quality pure and applied research will be produced, even as he encourages other units to continue working on their strength in applied research. On the other hand, he likewise seeks to look into our community service program and to make it an opportunity for faculty and students to “go out, serve, and share with communities who need a lot of assistance.”

Brother Roly will share the components of the RRD 2002 program and corresponding projects with DLSU System Administrators’ Workshop on January 10. The Brother President will propose the move to shift the current presidential form of government to either federal presidential or federal parliamentary. He will form a team of faculty members with backgrounds in political science and economics to prepare a study on the issue.

In the area of benefits, Brother Roly will articulate the expansion of the President’s Scholarship Program which will entitle PhD holders one scholarship, and Full Professors, two scholarships for their children or any relative. The program is meant to encourage faculty members to pursue their doctoral degrees and increase their qualification.

As a final note, Brother Roly says that he hopes “La Salle will take a stronger and more proactive role in the affairs of the country and in shaping the key events of the nation.”

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