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17 DEC 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 28. 4 PAGES   

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ITC expands DLSU-M’s wireless network

To give the DLSU community better access to the Internet and the campus network, the Information Technology Center installed wireless network equipment in various study halls of the University, including the library, the Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory, and the ground floor of the Gokongwei building.

With the wireless network equipment, students and faculty who own laptops can access Internet information at any time. Connection is available within a range of five kilometers. For initial access, the user has to install a network card in his personal computer. This network card can be borrowed from the library.

ITC Director Samuel Mallare said more wireless network equipment would be installed at the Velasco Hall, the St. Miguel ground floor open area and the SJ lobby and back area. He added that this project is in tandem with the campus-wide network cabling project. The maximum information transfer rate using wireless network is 10 mb per second. On the other hand, wired PCs have a maximum transfer rate of 100 mb per second.

Mallare said ITC would continue to add more network cables for wired network access. This school year, a comprehensive cabling project will be done in the Gokengwei building.

Cabling has been completed at the SPS Building, the M. Gaerlan Conservatory, the College of Education, Registrar’s Office, and John Hall. A similar project is ongoing at the William Hall, SJ, Velasco, and Gokongwei buildings. The target completion date for these places is February 2002. For the STRC, St. Miguel Hall and the library, the target date is on or before May 2002.

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