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Marketing students get finalist awards

College of Business and Economics students of De La Salle University-Manila proved their potential by attaining honors for the University.

Members of AD CREATE, a student organization where its members could develop and utilize their advertising skills, the students were named as one of the finalists in the prestigious Student Catholic Mass Media Awards (Student CMMA). The event was held on October 24 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater of the Ateneo de Manila University.

The participants were Elinor Bonsol, Veronica Echevarria, Brian Sahagun, Irene Torres, and Elliene Uy. They were assisted and supported by AD CREATE officers and members.

The organization, nominated by former Marketing Department Chairperson Dr. Leonardo Garcia, Jr., competed in the Best Student Public Service Ad for its DLSU-Gregorio Perfecto High School Project Rescue posters.

Project Rescue is a collaborative work between DLSU-M and GPHS to assist the latter in promoting and selling goods produced by their high school students as part of their entrepreneurship training. The money generated from the sale of the goods will also support their schooling.

Last year, as part of the collaborative work, AD CREATE developed the posters to create awareness for the said project.






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