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03 DEC 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 27. 4 PAGES   

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DLSU-M to offer AB Theology

De La Salle University-Manila will soon offer a baccalaureate degree in Theology. The Religious Studies Department (RSD) of the College of Liberal Arts will start offering the BA in Theology next school year.

The new program aims to produce Christian theology professionals who will become a resource for God and country in whatever field they pursue, be it public or private, secular or religious. Graduates are expected to have a solid understanding of the Christian faith: sacred scripture, church history, creeds, morality, social teaching and worship. This A.B. Theology program will enable its graduates to critically interpret the Christian faith in meeting the challenges of the third millennium.

While this program will be beneficial to all members of the church community, it is especially designed for lay people who are interested in theology and the study of religion.

RSD chairman Father Daniel Kroger, OFM said that the program seeks to help students gain a solid background in theology and critical thinking appropriate to the assessment and interpretation of religious claims, creeds, texts and practices.

The AB Theology program is recommended as a pre-law course and for religious journalism and lay pastoral ministries.
Because of the need to ground theological study and research in the contemporary Philippine context, the students will be exposed to the social and ecclesial realities of the country as part of their learning projects. The program expects to generate valuable, contextualized research papers and theses exploring different aspects of the Christian religion in the country.

While the University requires four undergraduate courses equivalent to 12 units in Religious Studies for all students, it lacks a culture of theological research and dialogue. For similar reasons, the Religious Education Department of CED has developed a graduate program for masteral and doctorate degrees in applied theology, Father Dan explained.

This is also why the Religious Studies and Religious Education departments are sponsoring a monthly theology lecture by visiting theologians. In a related thrust, an interdisciplinary graduate course in BioTechology and Ethics is also being planned for students in Biology, Engineering, Philosophy, Education, Theology and Philosophy.

Dan further explained that in offering the theology program, the university does not intend to compete with seminaries or other theology schools in Metro Manila but seeks to enhance the number and the quality of lay people who attain a solid grasp of theology and its methods.

Interested students may avail of the five academic scholarships that will be offered to qualified and promising applicants.

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