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DLSU begins 10-year
countdown to centennial

Marking its 90th year, De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU-M) takes the lead in launching Greenovation, a 10-year countdown to the University’s centennial.The milestone celebration starts on November 29, 3 p.m., at the Marian Quadrangle where DLSU-M opens the centennial fund drive program.

Philippine District Brothers join the celebration

DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC emphasized that the University’s centennial celebration should focus on commemorating the institution of District Brothers in the Philippines. For 90 years now, the Lasallian Brothers have been playing a significant role in shaping the face of Philippine education. >> more

With the theme, “Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts…A Hundred Years of Lasallian Education in the Philippines,” the activity seeks to renew the Lasallian community’s commitment to service and excellence. It also inspires everyone to participate in the realization of the Lasallian dream.

Lasallian alumni Edu Manzano (Grade School ‘69) and Cynthia Patag (Bachelor of Arts ‘99) will host the event. During the program, a laser show will be featured on La Salle’s glorious history. Sponsored by De La Salle High School Batch ’68, the show will present La Salle’s role in shaping Philippine history—from the turn of the century and the post-Edsa recovery years.

An official theme song titled “The Dream,” will be sang during the program. Composed by Roy Del Valle (AB-PSM `92), the song tells of the University’s continuing efforts to bring Lasallian education to the less privileged. It also speaks of the University’s efforts to cultivate the Lasallian dream.

A music-dance tableau of Del Valle’s “Save the Children” will also be presented by performers to dramatize the University’s commitment to reach out to those in need, particularly the youth-at-risk.

Featured also in the program is the groundbreaking ceremony for the time capsule. The time capsule will contain the signatures of Lasallian community members and a declaration of DLSU-Manila’s vision for 2011.

After the launching ceremony, the University will host an honorary dinner for guest alumni, donors and benefactors, and the media at the Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory. This will be followed by a press conference. It will be moderated by GMA Network’s Senior Vice President for Radio Operations and TV News Anchor Mike Enriquez (AB-BSC ’73) who will present the University’s plans and developments.

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